​​Culturlann    MacAmhlaoibh


McAuliffe  Heritage  Centre

Church Street , Newmarket Co Cork 

We are only a reflection of those who came before us


Many people have asked us what do we do and why we are doing this. We are just ordinary people that do out of the  ordinary things. We are driven by an interest in our past out of respect for the people who came before us and to learn and understand the circumstances of their lives and the forces that impinged upon them. We are a dedicated team with a passion to preserve  our history. In Ireland we have a very troubled history that has affected us and made us who we are today. These issues have only made us stronger and more determined to protect our heritage. We are encouraging everyone to stand tall,  take an interest with  pride , explore and discover who , what  , when and why they are who they are today. 

John Paul McAuliffe

​​John  Paul McAuliffe  was born in Greenfields Kanturk Co  Cork in 1939 .
He met his wife Barbara in England where they were married and then emigrated to Australia in 1964. John's passion for his family history has always inspired him to want to do something to make sure it was preserved  and even though we had passed this place many times  we believe it was awaiting for us to return . This was meant to be.