​​Culturlann    MacAmhlaoibh


McAuliffe  Heritage  Centre

Church Street , Newmarket Co Cork 

Information on how to purchase a plaque for the Wall of Remembrance will be posted here at a date closer to the finishing of the restoration of the Culturlann MacAmlaoibh
McAuliffe Wall of Remembrance
McAuliffe Wall of Remembrance
Their strength we will carry , their stories we will tell and their love we will share for without them we are not who we are today ; For wherever we are in the world  they will not be forgotten.
Refer to plaques # 2 and
# 3 .  for direct family line.
​Refer to plaques # 1 and #3 for direct family line.

Johns and siblings parents

Johns grandfather and great grandfather

​Refer to plaques 1 and 2 for direct family line.
Married on the 1st of August 1964. Arrived in Sydney on the Fairstar and settled in Old Toongabbie . N.S.W

John Paul McAuliffe of Greenfields Kanturk 1939 - ....   Son of Micheal And Margaret nee Spokes . And wife  Barbara Rose Joan McAuliffe   of Tooting  1943   Daughter of Alfred  Holder and Rose nee Miller.  Left for Australia on the ship Fairstar in 1964 but whom forever left their hearts behind in Ireland .
Parents of Paul , Sharon and Julie.

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