​​Culturlann    MacAmhlaoibh


McAuliffe  Heritage  Centre

Church Street , Newmarket Co Cork 

Preserving our history Remembering our past

Newmarket The ancestral lands of the McAuliffe Clan.

The   Restoration   Project

Back in 2012 , John Paul McAuliffe chieftain of the McAuliffe clan and his family were on a mission, desperately searching for a way to be able to preserve the McAuliffe Clans history. The old Trinity Christ Church in  Newmarket Co Cork had come up for sale . It stands on a very important and significant piece of old McAuliffe Land standing on the site of a number of former churches which date back to the 11th Century and so this monumental piece of history was purchased . A massive restoration project has been undertaken to restore the building  and so the  journey in preserving  the history of the McAuliffe Clan had begun. 


Culturlann       MacAmhlaoibh


The McAuliffe Clan Centre in Newmarket Co Cork is something of a first as it will be the first dedicated heritage and resource centre specially set up for a Gaelic Clan , by a Gaelic Clan and of all places  on their own ancestral home lands. The name Culturlann MacAmhlaoibh literally means Cultural centre of the McAuliffes . The centre will not only be a gathering place for the McAuliffe Clan but will also be a cultural centre for the Clanawley area. A centre that will encourage and develop an appreciation for our gaelic heritage , history  and language for those of all ages at home and abroad. A venue that can also hold concerts , banquets , dances and all associated social events. It will also be a family history resource centre with the Wall of Remembrance being erected. A wall that will tell a story of our struggles , our tragedies and our triumphs of our past families that have been here  before us and of whom that has given us our strengths to thrive and exist in todays world.  Those we can not forget.We must remember them and record our past . An archive with the history of the family's that will be erecting a memorial plaque will be forever stored and can be added on to by future generations.

Our  Inspiration

Our inspiration has been driven by many forces. Our families , our past , our history our clan and the local community. ​
We are to move forward and prosper. We may be forgiving but we will never forget our past and for those past relations that have paved the way for the future generation will never be forgotten. There stories will forever be told.